Top 5 Adventure Activities in Toraja

Ready for an epic adventure in Toraja? Here we share Top 5 Adventure Activities in Toraja, you might want to put them into your 'must do' list! Let's go! 1. Whitewater Rafting Sa'dan Expedition From the name you'll know it, it is an expedition. Very short yet unforgettable, only 2D1N. You'll paddle 45km river with the class 2-3 and some parts 4-5, which is very challenging. I've tried this twice and still want to do it! Want to try this trip? Read the info HERE , or book it right away HERE.

2. Paragliding

What? we can do a paragliding here in Toraja? Well, yes I've got this question quite often. YES you can fly in Toraja ! Imagine you fly above the magnificent green rice fields, mountains, jungles and hundreds of traditional houses. Unfortunately the pilots are not always available, they only open the paragliding tandem on peak season like August & December, it cost USD 40 /Pax , duration 15-20 minutes. Exclude shuttle service. So how to book it? you can just call us for the availability.

3. Cliff Jumping

We have a small clear water pond called Tilanga' and you can do a cliff jump there! Only 15-20m cliff and you jump into the clear blueish water! Fresh! I dare you. Find the Tilanga' in google maps, it is easy to reach and you only need to pay IDR 20,000 for the entrance. Make sure to bring your action cam. Maps :

4. Sandboarding

Well, the sand is here but you need to bring your own sandboard. This is for you who loves sandboarding and bring your board everywhere :D We have the sand hill called Sumalu in Rantebua, North Toraja. Maps :

5. Whitewater Rafting Mai'ting Rafting again? Well this one is different bro! I know not all brave enough for the 4-5 rapids in Sa'dan, so we have this option: Mai'ting River. Only Class 2-3 River, adventurously fun! Lots of canyons and waterfalls around, iguanas, and beautiful views. This one is the most popular route though, so you will meet other paddler also here. Want to try this trip? Read the info HERE , or book it right away HERE.

That is my highly recommended 5 adventurous activities in Toraja, when is your turn?

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