Sa'dan River, Just for Champion Rafter

Toraja - If you feel competent enough to wade through the river rapids, it looks like you need to try ferociously Sa'dan River. Running down the middle of Tana Toraja, the river is highly favored by professional rafters. Dare to try?

Never cross the river at various places and get through it with ease, do not be proud of yet. Please come to the river in Tana Toraja Sa'dan. The starting point of rafting the river is a suspension bridge in the village of Fruit Wood, Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi.

Compared to other rivers in Indonesia, this river has a fairly challenging rapids. Generally, river rafting on average only had grade 1, 2, or 3, but the River Sa'dan had grade 3 and 4. Thus, it can be ascertained will boost your adrenaline.

This river has a length of about 182 km and an average width of 80 meters. To be able to cross the river as a whole, you need at least two days. What can it be?

Do not worry, there is lodging in the house which is called Outspoken stage for you to rest for a moment. During rest, you also can enjoy the natural scenery and the cool air around the river which is rarely found in urban areas.

In Ollon during Sa'dan Expedition (April 2017)

If you are interested to try it, come directly to the village of Fruit Wood with a variety of alternative roads depending on the vehicle used. When you use a private vehicle or public transportation, you can travel from Makassar for 8 hours.

It's different if you want to by air. You can use the services of pioneering aircraft that will take you to the Tana Toraja for about 2 hours. Then, the journey should be continued towards Rantepao before arriving at the village of Wood Fruit. From Rantepao, you can hire a jeep to get to the destination which takes about 3.5 hours.

This trip was quite tiring, but you will never regret it because it can take home a great experience forded a challenging and exciting photographs to preserve.



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