Pangli to Sa'dan Matallo: Green Carpet

In Sunday morning, I was heading to Sa'dan Matallo from Rantepao by motorbike, my eyes were pleased with lush, green carpets along the way. North Toraja regency will exceeds your expectations about their tropical hidden gems. The pictures taken in the area of Sa'dan, about +/- 13 km from Rantepao. In this area, you may not find any travel shops or fancy cafes yet, but let's take a modest dip in traditional noddle or coffee shop, where you still could find locals selling dog (for food).

Then, after a quick break, you might continue the journey to nowhere, passing the bumpy, rocky road. I was fortunate to catch a white church, which is beautifully misplaced between rice paddies.

To this views, we have passed Palawa - Sesean - Pangli.

In contrast to churches in suburban European cities, where they're usually located up in the hill, but this church was found when we were just cycling through the main road. Outside the church, you could see a man tending his buffalo, while a woman pulling out wild grass from the rice field. The road is still clean, where locals usually hold mutual assistance in sweeping and picking up trashes in the morning.

To reach Sa'dan Matallo, you could find public transportation ('pete-pete') and pay around around IDR 10.000,-, but it wouldn't be the best way to spend your weekend. Better to go around by motorbike or bicycle, as the competency level would be easy to moderate. If you want to explore Sa'dan Matallo and the rest by bicycle, Toraja One Stop Adventure ready to serve you.

Travel further away from the rice paddies in Ubud or Yogyakarta, then let's go more to the east. Hidden gems are there for you to find!

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