Kapitoo Mountain Gig: Kamanių šilelis

Mantas and Kamille

How's you weerkend? We can guarantee you were having lovely time if you spending the night with Kapitoo Mountain Gig, featuring the Lithuanian indie band, Kamanių šilelis! The melody from the guitar and cajon suited well with the serenity of the hills around. The show started at 4.30 pm and ended at 8 pm.

What's the deal with 'Mountain Gig'?

Mountain Gig at Kapitoo. Kapitoo is our café and glamping park with a tremendous view yet cozy ambiance. Mountain Gig is one of our main highlight where indie band will perform for the guest.

Why Mountain Gig?

Our concept is having pleasure with folk lifestyle & close to nature. Along with that, your pleasure with Toraja coffee, food and stay is our motivation. So Kapitoo is a whole package!


Located in Kalimbuang, Kapala Pitu, North Toraja, 8km from Rantepao city. You can reach to this site by motorcycles or cars, but no public transportation goes here.

Who plays this time?

Kamanių šilelis, the personnel of the band is Mantas and Kamile from Lithuania! Altogether with their music attributes of ukulele, dambrelis (jaw harp), and beatbox.

You could watch and subscribe their music video at their Youtube page. Here's one of my favorite:

And definitely to like and follow their fan page and updates on their Facebook page.

Under the roof of Kapitoo's cafe (on progress)

Simply putting the background of picturesque mountainous view and green rice paddies, with folk music tuning in. The audience enjoyed the music, palm wine, when the night closed in, those who are adventurous enough should go for a glamping night! At the same time, we have a guest from Netherlands, who was very lucky to see our Mountain Gigs and she also continued the excitement by glamping on our newest glamping site, Kapitoo.

How about waking up to this view?

Toraja offers much to not be enjoyed, to not be ventured and we facility your needs for pleasure in a creative, natural, and yet affordable way. For your information, we're planning to sell our Kapitoo glamping program with cafes on July. Therefore, brace yourself for the big opening!

Mountain Gig is organized by TOSA and supported by Tiroan (instagram).


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