Try Our Batutumonga's Cycling Route!

Welcoming the cloudy August! Summer season is almost over. the streaky sun is about to leave. This is great for you who like tropical landscape but not the heat. Among our cycling products, we have our best-seller products include the 35 km-half day cycling tour and 45-full day cycling tour. But let's not forget this one thing, how about the 27 km route of Batutumonga that's seemingly to be overlooked?

Why overlooked? Because people have tendency to think that 27 km route would be too short and not challenging at all. Well, I once thought that way, but let's put that aside to have a clean and quick look at this lovely route.

From your accommodation, we'll be sliding down from the breathtaking Batutumonga area to the suburban area of Rantepao. We'll pass so many burial sites, palm wine farms, rice fields terraces view and old Traditional house. There will be a stop in a ceremony site where the biggest Toraja menhir located.

We took these pictures when having a guest from UK. He, who usually does 100 km route a day, claimed this route to be one of the best route in Sulawesi so far. The paddies were already harvested before we went here, but in 2-3 weeks they will all be lush in green again. The road for this route is well-paved with asphalt, although you might find a bit of challenge by paddling through rocky road for a short period.

Don't say we won't see any cultural heritage along this route, we will see lots of them. From the big stone graves, old traditional houses with many buffalo horns like we found below. If you're fortunate, you can see funerals or ceremonies being held.

50-years old Tongkonan house

And guess where will we have our lunch after those sweat? It will be served in a traditional rice barn with the amazing rice field and mountain view. Grilled fish soup in local pamarasan sauce or Torajanese spicy curry chicken? You pick!

The route takes approximately 3,5 hours to finish, which also depends on how many breaks you want to have along the road. So, thinking about good cycling day, without losing too much energy in the middle of your short and busy Torajan trip? You know where to go.


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