Featuring TOSA on Visit Toraja and Trans 7!

Happy Monday, good people!

Nothing could express our excitement as we're featured in Visit Toraja!

In April, Visit Toraja held a familiarization trip for domestic and international travel agencies in Toraja, to introduce and socialize the variety of local nature and cultures in Toraja. There were many agencies from Bali, UK, Sulawesi, Singapore, including a local media, Trans 7. After several introduction about our products and services, Trans 7 would like to go rafting in Mai'ting river.

They just joined the fun, from trekking down from our starting point, going through untouched forest. When they were out from the forests, their eyes were pleased by overlooking to the Mai'ting gorges and river from the top.

As you've heard before, many things you could find in the river, from paddling under the waterfalls to wild animal creatures. But let's not forget about the river stream, which is adventurous enough for beginner. No worries if you're still new to any kind of sports, Mai'ting river would fit for anyone.

From rafting, Reza Helmi, the crew of Trans 7, visited the Bolu market which is wildly famous for exchanging culture. Expensive buffalos 'tedong bonga', varying from 40 million to 1 billion rupiahs. They differentiate the price based on buffalo's skin color, eyeballs to the size of each tail. You could see how Torajanese hold their pride very well, since each buffalo will hold the owner's social status among the society.

Last but not least, the famous Torajanese local dish, the Pamarassan golden-fish soup.

All of these are only few things from Toraja. There are much more cultural, nature sites, and local tribes to discover here, so better to explore it yourself!


Video source: Trans7

Article source: TOSA

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