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All of the sudden, a vivid traveler came to our office and chatted a bit how he has been travelling to many parts in Indonesia. But for Toraja, it was his first time coming here and he was very eager to explore some parts of the North and South of Toraja, including Batutumonga, Buntu Burake, Londa, Lemo and more.. He could have easily rented a motorbike and gone from sites to sites in minutes, but he persisted to have healthy lifestyle, not just when he's at home in Netherland, but also when he's travelling.

The result was, he enjoyed so much of the trips (although got a bit of sun burnt when Toraja's heat reached its peak this September). Now, he was already on his way to Tanjung Bira and northern part of Sulawesi.

He's Robbert from Netherland, a very friendly guy who's very keen to understand local's way of life. He started travelling the world from 2014 and still on going! From there, he was inspired to write a blog to inspire and give insights to other vivid traveller. Are you one of them? Let's check out his blog (in Dutch) or his Facebook page (in Dutch).

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