What to Do in Toraja: A Cycling Tour!

Perhaps you have tried rafting, getting all wet and pressed with adrenaline rush. Or maybe trekking around the secluded village, or visiting some eye-opening funerals and buffalo slaughtering. You almost have done everything to maximize your visit in Toraja.

But, when was the last time you're having a casual activity of cycling? You may do it as your everyday routine in your hometown, then how about in Toraja? Where lush mountain and green rice paddies are spreading from the north to the south, traditional roof and locals' way of life are casually existed to be observed and learnt. Readers, if you're questioning yourself when reading this article, then keep on reading.

Around last week, we have two guests from the Netherlands , arriving in Bua airport in Palopo at noontime. Once our guest arrived, we drove them for 2-3 hours to Rantepao. Arriving around lunch time at 1 pm, so they had lunch in a Torajanese local restaurant, which they enjoyed the home-cooked meal of roasted pork and stewed pork with pamarasan spices.

Cycling from Kepe'

As the guests preferred to start cycling right away, so we drove them to our starting point which located in Kepe'. From the Merida mountain bike, all gears were set, cycling tour may begin! At 2.30 pm, they started cycling from Kepe' to Batutumonga. They were mesmerized with the lush mountain scape, pine forests, and terraced rice field. Guests stopped by at our modest rest area, picnic table and chairs were set. Perhaps a sip of coffee and tea, or a bite of fresh local fruits and cookies. The gold sun rays were beautifully rendering the tropical landscape of Batutumonga. Blissful day were blissful.

Time was already 4.30 pm when we were gliding down to Tinimbayo and Pangli, where you can almost see no vehicles disturbing your view. The sounds of birds chirping, laughter of children playing their game, or just locals sitting in front of their houses talking about current topics. Moving down to Bori', where you can go into the open-air museum of human-shaped stonehenges. Then to Barana, Pemanikan. Balele - where it was about 6 pm, then dinner time! Our guests prefer to have their dinner in Torajanese traditional house, where our guides have set a candle-light dinner. The route was still going though! The guests still riding their gear to Maruang - Nonongan - Alang-alang bridge, then drived to their accommodation.

35 km for Half-day

The route's length is 35 km, spending around 4-5 hours, depending which routes our guests prefer. You can skip one or two place if you feel already tired (but we don't recommend that though as all places are too beautiful to be skipped). Our guests are provided with helmet, gloves, guide, shuttle service, lunch, mineral water, refreshment, towel, insurance. We have taken care those stuffs for you.

Better Tourism

We notice how the use of plastic bottle ruins our local environment. Therefore, as a step to support our Better Tourism program, TOSA is giving out for free: stainless steel water bottle when you purchase our cycling trip. It's handy, it's saving our environment.

At the end, let's dwell with the environment. Toraja alone has lots to offer and explore. Perhaps trekking takes too long to cover the whole area, and motorcycling won't shape your body during travelling. Let's geared up and go cycling!


You could see the documentation about this cycling trip in video below:

For booking:


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