Safari Tour in The Sacred Highlands


"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Toraja "The Sacred Highlands", the wilderness is working effortlessly to be found, drawing man to explore and dwell. When was your last time mesmerizing Toraja nature and culture scape at dawn? People may have heard about the panoramic Lolai, witnessing white clouds above the land. Once people go to this site, but the trip stops afterwards, the climax is halted. Arising at dawn where the transportation will pick you up in front of your hotel, then going uphill to Lolai. Locals are already getting up to start their daily chores, some may start tending their buffalos or feeding their livestocks.

Arriving at the lookout point in Lolai, you will see cotton-drop in bubble-sized spreading over the rich landscape of rice fields, traditional houses. Then the sunrays will gradually render all the hidden spots of the forest and rural settlements. In here, seats and tables are set, your home-cooked breakfast with coffee and tea is served. Afterwards, our guide will take you to Kapitoo Cafe & Glamping Park, which is also the extension from Toraja One Stop Adventure. Here you will be introduced by our friendly Barista and Roaster about the Torajanese local coffee. Not just that, but you will learn how to make, taste, and serve one of the best coffee worldwide. What if your coffee-curious craves for more experiences? Let us get you up close to the coffee plantation, where you'll have the chance to meet and chat with the locals on how Torajanese coffee being processed from scratch.

Our guide will take you to one of the ancient burial site, Pana' Cliff. This one of the famous site in Toraja, which is a burial cliff, ornamented with wooden dolls "Tau-Tau", craved by the local craftmen. This "Tau-Tau" dolls represents the dead is still doing activity since people used to believe the dead is still sleeping and yet remaining active. One of the main reason they choose tall cliff to bury the bodies is the ancient belief stating "the higher the cliff is the closer the dead reaching to heaven".

From the grave, you will be taken to learn one of Torajanese folk dance, Manganda. A group of mature men wearing buffalo horns on their head, ornamented with gold, then they start dancing side by side while yelling as if war will take place. Sounds alluring? Our guide won't just let you see them dancing, but also have you participate in the dance and trying their costume! Your safari tour may reach to the end, but this one will leave you wide awake: Lombok Parinding. Have a little deeper taste of what ancient society used to bury their babies and relatives, some in the caves, some inside the branch of a tree.

From looking to observing. From observing to participating. Toraja Safari Tour will liven your heart and mind, witnessing how the locals and nature start their daily way of life, then to sharpen your taste buds of the rich taste of Torajanese coffee, to engaging in the ancient Torajanese culture.

And we know how qualified facility plays an important role to support your trip. Climb aboard a Hi-Lux Open-air stopping and seeing how Hi-Lux Open-Air offers a more authentic cultural and nature safari experience to spot tropical wildflie and cultural way of life within the nature scape of Toraja.

Your escapades in Toraja may just begin.

What's Included:

• Safari Vehicle (Hilux Open-Air)

• Driver, petrol & parking

• Pick Up Service from hotel round-trip

• English Speaking Tour Leader

• Breakfast (1x), we accept allergic information, vegetarian, vegan or strict diet meals request.

• Donation to Better Tourism movement•Refreshment Unlimited drinking water

FREE Stainless Steel Water Bottle

What to Do:

Sunrise in Lolai "The Land Over the Cloud". Watch Eagles and Brahminy Kites soaring around.

• Breakfast and relax with the scenic view when Toraja covered by the cloud and sunny sky.

Toraja Coffee Cupping in Kapitoo Cafe & Glamping Park. Learn how to make a good Toraja coffee from our best Barista & Roaster.

• Visit the Coffee Plantation to see the coffee production by the locals.

• Visit the Pana' Cliff to see authentic ancient burial site on the cliff.

• Learn the Torajan Folk War Dance 'Manganda' and even the chance to try on their costumes!

• Visit the Lombok Parinding spectacular caves and one of the stunning oldest burial site.

Eur 25/USD 28/IDR 370,000

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