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October 10, 2017

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What to Do in Toraja: A Cycling Tour!

October 29, 2017

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Toraja Coffee House: Only Serving Original Torajanese Coffee!

November 26, 2017


Without any hesitation, we're going to start this article with questions:

1. Are you one of those people who are light coffee drinkers, but haven't found a coffee who suits your taste?

2. Do you have your favorite coffee shops, where you usually order the regular black coffee or expresso in the morning? Even you're satisfied with its taste, but you need to admit that some part was a bit off?


If you are reading those questions to yourself, then tune your taste bud for a new coffee shop that just landed in Jakarta! 


Toraja Coffee House (TCH) 

"From tree to cup gives you the finest coffee in the world"

It's no secret that Torajanese coffee has long been indulged among national and international society since 19th century. Ever since the great discovery of this variety, Torajanese coffee has widely imported to the United States, European countries, Australia, and Japan. 


Within the fast growing of coffee-drinkers in Indonesia, Disyon Toba, the founder of Toraja Coffee House, seized the opportunity to introduce the high-quality coffee from Toraja. Deriving the concept of penetrating Torajanese outlook, people now can sit and drink coffee with Torajanese craveworks and paintings. We can see how this coffee house plants curiosity between locals to travel straight to Toraja so they can see Tongkonan houses by their own!



Toraja Coffee House answers your needs, the founder knows how each coffee drinkers have their own custom taste, which is why they serves coffee according to your own taste.



Toraja Coffee House (TCH) only serves Torajanese coffee as the beans are collected from the best coffee farmers in Toraja. The coffee beans are directly roasted with the roasting machine, pour into a cup for your to drink. The system aligned greatly with their slogan of "From tree to cup gives you the finest coffee in the world". 




Then, would you say to yourself, "I have drank Torajanese coffee myself and it was too heavy for me. Torajanese coffee isn't for me." TCH answers your needs, the founder knows how each coffee drinkers have their own custom taste, which is why they serves coffee according to your own taste. This is how it goes:

1. Ask the barista how you want him to prepare your coffee. 

2. If this is your first time drinking coffee or you just don't drink coffee too often, you could try Coffee Latte, a cup of coffee mixed with milk, very light and tasty. Whether you're a middle or expertise coffee drinkers, the barista will serve it for you.




Heavenly Torajanese Food

TCH doesn't only serve coffee, but they also serve snacks and food, depend whether you're in a quick stop for breakfast or indulging yourself in lunch and dinner. From Dangkot Fried Rice (Sulawesi Rica-rica fried rice), Cakalang Spaghetti (Sulawesi spiced tuna spaghetti), Torajanese Char Kway Teow and many more! 


We ordered Cakalang Spaghetti and Oxtail Soup when we were there during their opening night on Saturday, 25th of November. Both are our favorite! They also recommended Tollo' Pamarasan (beef stew with Sulawesi black spice and herbs) and Chicken Sarre (Torajanese chicken soup) as well. They also have the spiciest Sulawesi chili, Kotokon chili will lure your appetite! For those who long for western food, TCH also accompany you with their grilled burgers and sandwiches.


All baristas and waiters are from Toraja, which helps you if you have any questions regarding the origin of the coffee and food recipe. TCH serves high quality coffee that suits people's personal taste as they brilliantly know not all of customers are used to drink coffee.