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October 10, 2017

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What to Do in Toraja: A Cycling Tour!

October 29, 2017

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Opening Soon: Kapitoo Cafe and Resto!

November 27, 2017

December is probably one of those loveliest season in Toraja, where many national events, food markets, and parades are jiggling around the town of Rantepao and Makale. Even more, Toraja is selected to host 2017 National Christmas in Indonesia, where Christmas celebration will be held in Rantepao with the attendance from governmental officials, prime ministers, and including our President himself, Joko Widodo.


That's what happening in the city centre during December. How about those who're located in the suburb mountainous area of Toraja land? The area, where you drive off north from Rantepao city, passing Tikala to Sereale district. Are things going to be the same during December? By this chance, we would like to introduce you Kapitoo Cafe and Resto!


(above: the baliho displayed in front of our construction site, designed with the local Torajanese ingredients such as pamarasan 'kluak' spice, kotokon chili, famous coffee beans from many parts in Toraja)



Kapitoo Cafe and Resto accompanies you to have an authentic lifestyle within the untouched nature of Toraja. This is how it's going to be:

You plan to stay in Rantepao for 4 days maximum, with the plan of going to funerals in Tikala, whitewater rafting in Mai'ting, and visiting some nearby tourist attractions of Ke'te' Kesu' and Bolu market. From the variety of Torajanese traditional houses to types of expensive bulls, you've seen almost everything. But it may seem you're forgetting one of the essential key of travelling: when's the last time you dwell in the nature with your lifestyle? 


"This is where you live fully according to the nature."


Let's live up the nature! We're taking you aback to the rural area in Kapalapitu district, where city noises are bordered with the forest wall. From Rantepao, you'll be going uphill and downhill along the road,  rivers and rice paddies are on the left while valleys are on the right. Traditional churches are seen from afar, but man guiding his buffalo is up close in the front. Eyes are wide awake and minds are interpreting the new surrounding. And finally, there's signage when you're finally arrived in Kapitoo Cafe and Resto.





Kapitoo Cafe and Resto also seves only the best Toraja Coffee. There would be no other places after December where you can find better cafe with high-quality coffee beans with authentic taste. All the coffee beans are harvested from the best coffee farmers in Toraja, roasted with the best qual