Eco-lifestyle: Bike to Anywhere!

Let's put this in your mind:

You like travelling a lot, especially sight-seeing around the city centre or the suburb. You like to walk, because it affords you some time to mesmerize and observe the strange new things. But there are moments where you want to enjoy the city or trees at faster pace.

If you used a car, you know how it goes when you have your view covered with steel plates. If you used a motorcycle, which is a good option, but you don't like the sound of machine following you. Moreover, you don't like how a motorcycle spoils you by making you comfortable while letting daily fats piling up in your body. You'd like to exercise!

On the other hand, you're in this situation where:

You need to be mobile for almost anywhere in every single day. Or perhaps you need to go somewhere for in less than 1 km distance or more. Thinking about going to a natural object where the road is a bit bumpy yet you like biking on an adventurous pathway. You could just give yourself an easy option: a motorcycle, with the easy use of matic mode, you could just easily slip in your keys and ready to go!

Do you produce waste from this kind of vehicle?

Probably just some healthy sweats and fat burning

along the road!

An Alternative beside Motorcycle

But wait, aren't these days where we need to be responsible from every action we take? Every stuffs that we buy in the grocery store, every vehicle you choose whenever you're travelling? Simply put, especially whenever you're travelling. Have it crossed your mind when you need to be responsible of waste you produce from your lifestyle? Lifestyle doesn't only occur when you're in your hometown, but everywhere...

How about riding a bicycle?

Whether you're going slow or fast pace --you can control it!

Do you produce waste from this kind of vehicle? Probably just some healthy sweats and fat burning along the road! You can see Toraja's great karts from afar and green rice paddies up close while riding a bicycle. We're not trying exaggerate, but it's definitely feasible to explore Toraja by bicycle. If so, would you like to try this eco-friendly lifestyle?

Toraja One Stop Adventure has it for you! We have the best mountain bike which were used in World Championship 2015, it's Merida Mountain Bike. They're all brand new and suitable for your bike trip around Toraja, whether it's going up or down hill.

Ready to use for your solo or group trip.

You're cycling in group? We have 18 bicycles!

High quality and comfortable bicycle helmets.

The water bottle holder.


IDR 50,000/3 hours

IDR 10,000 for each additional hour

IDR 150,000/24 hours

If you're staying outside the city of Rantepao and would like us to deliver the bicycles to your location, then we would drop and pick the bicycles after the renting hours end. There's an additional transport charge of IDR 200,000. Just about this morning, we had guests staying in Batutumonga and requested to have the bicycles ready in the morning. You just need to tell us in advance as we need to have our guide and driver ready.


Merida MTB



Water bottle holder

Bicycle locks

Guests cycling around the rice terraces in Batutumonga.

Mountain biking on rocky road: challenge accepted!

The weather is very lovely during December as the cool wind covers the sun heat. Best weather, best view, best bike. Who's now ready to bike?


+62 812-1458-7515


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