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October 10, 2017

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What to Do in Toraja: A Cycling Tour!

October 29, 2017

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Get Cultured in Lovely December 2017

December 6, 2017


Those who are residing in Toraja has the opportunity to experience the loveliest season in the year! Not only it's Christmas time when things get all merry, but this month welcomes the annual event of Lovely December. A local event in Toraja that has been running for 8 years, consisted of several events such as culinary, art, and culture festival, Christmas service, buffalo parades, creative economy exhibitions, and many many more! But why Lovely December?



Why Lovely December

Toraja is one of the colorful Indonesian tribes, yet rich in culture and heritage. One of the fast growing culture being widely known among nations with many deep potentials that need to be maintain. From the phenomenal funeral ceremonies, variety of Toraja traditional houses, burial sites from caves, stones, and cliff, and many more! What highlights these is the fact Torajenese zealously still practice the heritage and mores as their regimen. The ingrained heritage is a ivotal, living heritage, not just some memorials. Combining the beautiful tropical landscapes of mountains and lush rice paddies, with amazing valleys and rivers flowing.


Herein, as a deep appreciation to Torajanese cultural and natural heritage, the government of Toraja Regency operates a yearly program to develop local tourism industry where the widely known traditions remains expanding and yet introducing the hidden potentials to become widely known by the local and international society. Hence, Lovely December was born.


Lantang-karampuan, the Torajanese term as seating stage for guests,

overlooking the main stage and square in Rantepao Bakti Square. 


Main stage in Rantepao Bakti Square.


A 40-meters bamboo structured Christmas tree being constructed,

breaking the Guiness World Records as the highest bamboo made Christmas tree.   


Why You Should Participate in Lovely December 2017!


1. Famous guests

Last year, Tana Toraja regency hosted the Lovely December 2016. This year, North Toraja regency is hosting the Lovely December 2017. From year to year, the visitors will grow rapidly during this season. Moreover, Toraja will be the host for National Christmas 2017, where national government officials will attend the Christmas service and celebration in Toraja, this includes our national president Mr. Joko Widodo!


Along with that, there will be Governor, Mayor, and Regent of South Sulawesi and many more. Other international honorary guests are planned to attend Lovely December are Prime Minister of Malaysia and former President of United States, Bill Clinton.