Explore Toraja's iconic places and popular attractions in a very affordable price. Only one package to make you have an unforgettable experience!

All included, start from:

IDR 1,500,000


Explore the secret, anti-mainstream and hidden places in Toraja, unspoiled by the tourist and untouched by the civilization. Feels like back to hundreds of years ago!

All included, start from:

IDR 1,500,000


A mix of Classic Toraja and Secret Toraja package, combined with an adventure experience i.e. whitewater rafting or cycling. Cultural meets adventure, wow!

All included, start from:

IDR 2,200,000

The magical atmosphere covering steep cliffs where there is hundreds of years old traditional cemetery. The grave holes above the altitude are one of the most outstanding cultural proofs of Toraja’s people. Imagine, when you are in that location, became one of the witnesses from greatness cultural. Capture it with your camera and tell your amazing experience when you get home.

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